All About Eos Music Studio

EOS delivers a delectable mix of American electronic and world music, mashing genres into a unique style, with a mission to find beauty in vibration. A large catalogue of unreleased music going back to 2015 allowed EOS to present fully original sets from the getgo in 2018. The first full length, 9 track album, “WAVES” was released in 2019 with 2 more EP releases slated for November and December 2019.  EOS also creates animated visuals to mesh directly with the music to help propagate the immersive experience that each show strives to provide.  Genres : Downtempo, Chill Hop,Trip Hop, Alternative Rock, Hip Hop, Glitch, future bass, house, jamtronica, Worldbeat, Electronica, and IDM. Music, like allot of things, is more of a spectrum.

Moving your hips around, traveling, and experiencing the collective wonders that the planet has to offer, interacting with different people and most importantly making music with other people in all sorts of cultures and cities has proven key to EOS’s creative development.


Artist Statement

Danial Mason - “I want to really make a difference with both the production of our shows and in everyday personal lives when someone plays track.  Music is the healthiest way to feel every emotion, happiness, melancholy, anger, you can’t really go wrong, at the end of the day music will fill you with elation.  I want my music to communicate with human emotion, a synergy between vibration and your current station.”



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